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Andrew Campbell

Spotlight Global is a leading engineering, consulting, equipment supply and Installation Company with the mission of delivering the Best Available Solutions to our Clients at a Reasonable Cost®.

At Spotlight Gobal we offer leading experience in the market segments we serve, understanding our clients' businesses and objectives, and having the technical resources sufficient to execute and sustain projects from the most basic to the very complex. Our customers and clients include utilities, industrials, governmental agencies and contractors.

Spotlight Global uses the right proven technologies to reduce end-user risk and provide best life-cycle benefits, and integrate smoothly with current or other technology. Our reliable technology meets performance guarantees with measurable standards for cost and schedule.

Headquartered in Chicago, Spotlight Global has operations and business activities in Dakar Senegal and the subregion of West Africa. In 2012 Spotlight Global partnered with Weldy/Lamont to provide “in country” logistics and project management for all its projects in Senegal and neighboring countries. Together we committed to the government of Senegal to bringing its contribution in helping increase the rural electrification ratio from 24% today to 60% by 2016.


In this 21st century it is the right to every people to have access to electricity and clean water. Unfortunately that dream is not allowed to everyone, specially in certain parts of the world where electrification ratios remain below the 50% mark. This makes our challenge even bigger but Spotlight Global was created to light up the path to the future. To take on the challage our team of professionals including engineers with 10-25 years of electric utility experience is here to answer all your questions.


At Spotlight Global we take pride in bringing smiles to people's faces. We go to work everyday figuring out how to bring electricity to millions of africans.

Papa Sall
President & CEO
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